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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Staycations: Is it truly a trend?

YPartnership just posted the results of its Portrait Of American Travelers survey in which it examined whether the recession and resultant household budget constraints has caused people to choose a "staycation" and vacation closer to home.

The typical leisure traveler, according to YPartnership, averages four leisure trips a year.

Last year, the survey found this "staycation" trend to be "more media myth than reality" since fewer than 10% of respondants reported in the affirmative. The latest survey, however, found that during the previous 12 months nearly one quarter of respondants with an annual income over $50,000 took one or more leisure overnight trips or vacations within a 50 mile radius of their home as an alternative to traveling a greater distance. The incidence is greater among younger travelers, Millenials (age 18-30) and GenerationXers (age 31-44), but has affected all age groups.

Here are their findings:

All Leisure Travelers 26%
Generational Group
• Millennials (18-30) 37%
• GenXers (31-44) 31%
• Boomers (45-63) 21%
• Matures (64+) 15%
Annual Household Income
• $50-$124K 26%
• $125K+ 26%
Children At Home 32%
No Children At Home 21%

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