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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Attention Comcast subscribers--virus warning

Comcast terminated their contract with McAfee and switched to Norton but hasn't informed subscribers yet. As soon as possible, go to the High-Speed Internet (lower right part of page). Follow the instructions to switch to Norton.

I learned the hard way that my McAfee wasn't working. It is supposed to be provided as part of my Comcast subscription.

I got a virus Tuesday night. I ran a McAfee scan to no avail. Seems it hadn't been working for days.

Since McAfee's contract was terminated, McAfee would only help if I paid $89.95. After multiple calls to Comcast, in which Comcast representatives insisted McAfee was in effect and will be phased out gradually by May 12, I was connected with Norton for assistance. I had to pay $99.99 for them to debug my computer and get Norton running.

Finally reached upper level Comcast management today. Apparently this is a big problem now for lots more people than me. Finally got them to credit me the $99.99, etc. Took a lot of calls to straighten this out. Two days wasted and plenty of frustration.But at least they covered the financial cost.

If you get suspicious pop-ups, don't try to click them off with the mouse. Hold down alt and F4. Any click activates the virus, which, I'm told, is designed to get your credit card info.

In any case, if you are a Comcast customer, switch to Norton anti-virus immediately to be sure you are protected.

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