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Thursday, November 19, 2009

When will we catch up to the rest of the world?

One of the things that comes up frequently when we travel is the amazement people in other countries feel when they read that Americans can go bankrupt if they get sick. We are the only industrialized nation where this happens. Why should it be controversial that everyone should be equally protected in catastrophic cases?

Other nations tackled national health care long before we did, and theirs costs half as much as ours. They cover everyone. We need a basic policy that covers everyone, too.

Yes, I know people say we have more specialists and faster non-essential services. We also pay twice what other nations pay for their health care. All the bells and whistles can be added as perks or paid for out of pocket, etc., but first we need a simply administered basic health care plan that everyone can count on.

Rather than bailing out the irresponsible we need to provide for those who meet with misfortune through no fault of their own.

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